Travel Services Agreement


This Travel Services Agreement (“Agreement”) and the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) at Time Off Travel Services become effective between Time Off Travel Services (“Agency”) and you (including all travelers on the same booking) (“you” or “Traveler”) upon your signature (electronic or written) until terminated in writing by you or Agency.




  • Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Agreement have meanings set out in the Terms.
  • By clicking the submit button or signing below, you agree to pay for all our Services.
  • Planning fees, cancellation fees, change fees, and unused travel vouchers are NON-REFUNDABLE, whether or not you decide to book travel.
  • All such fees are separate from the fees for your travel.




  • By submitting your credit or debit card, you authorize Agency (or our agents) to charge such card for Services as of the payment date agreed between us.
  • You authorize Agency (or our agents) to credit any amounts that have been charged in error.
  • You are responsible for all amounts, including any associated costs of recovery:
    • If you close the credit or debit card account you provide to Agency;
    • If you charge-back any fees that were validly charged under this Agreement;
    • If your credit or debit card expires; or
    • If you have provided an incorrect account number or have insufficient funds at any time (including declinations of validity charged amounts).
  • In any such event, you agree Agency is entitled to withhold all Services until you satisfy all payment deficiencies.
  • Agency has no obligation to refund any amounts previously paid by you as a result of suspension or termination of Services.
  • You confirm that:
    • You are authorized to act on behalf of you and all travelers on the same booking.
    • You are an authorized user of this credit or debit card; and
    • You will not dispute any payment of fees under this Agreement.


Account Type:  Visa   ___ Mastercard    ___ AMEX   ___ Discover

Cardholder Name _________________________   Card Number ________________________

Expiration Date ____________________      Cell Phone _______________________________

Billing Address: City____________________________________ State ______ Zip _________

Charge Amount: ________________________ (or maximum set limit)

Services Description: ________________________________________________________

Your Signature _____________________________________ Date ___________________

Client Full Legal Name _______________________________________________________

Client Address ____________________________________________________________________________

Client Phone and Email ____________________________________________________________________________


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